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Joyce Jackson Veils

Browse our selection of Wedding Veils from Joyce Jackson chosen by us to compliment our range of wedding dresses.

All veils are available in a selection of lengths from 54″ up to 144″ in both single or two tier design.

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Wedding Veils Explained

Single Tier

These are what most people imagine when asked to picture a veil. Single tier means that the veil flows from its attachment point (normally a comb) down the back. There is no blusher, section of the veil in front of the face. Here at The Bridal Affair and Joyce Jackson all Single tier veils will be described as either Hip,Waist,Train or Cathedral.

2 Tier

2 Tier means that the veil includes a ‘blusher’ which can be pulled forward over the face. This is raised during the ceremony for the first kiss or at the exact moment you are married and is then swept back over the head to form a second layer at the back of the veil. Often brides still like the fuller look of a 2 Tier veil, even if they are not wanting to use it as a blusher. All 2 Tier veils are described by their length 54″,72″126″ or 144″

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