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Reminders & Payments
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Measurement Reminder:
, Order Form, The Bridal Affair featuring Curvy Bridal
1st Fit Reminder:
, Order Form, The Bridal Affair featuring Curvy Bridal
2nd Fit Reminder:
, Order Form, The Bridal Affair featuring Curvy Bridal
High Hip
Low Hip
Nape to floor
W/band to floor
Height (with/without shoes)
Full Bust
Under Bust


  • To ensure the correct and best fit the client must wear the underwear and shoes that will be worn on the wedding/event day to all fittings. The Bridal Affair will not accept any liability if this is not  complied with.
  • The sizes and measurements as detailed above are those upon which the order will be supplied, and changes either plus or minus sizing are at the clients risk and liability.
  • Any resultant alterations or changes to the order are deemed as extras and all subsequent costs should they be
    required to be carried out on behalf of the client by The Bridal Affair are chargeable to the client and payable in advance of any such changes, further orders or amendments.
  • The cost of original orders shall be paid in full before any additional orders or alterations are Undertaken.
  • By signing below you agree to the above terms plus the terms and conditions shown below
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, Order Form, The Bridal Affair featuring Curvy Bridal

Terms & Conditions

The Bridal Affair UK Ltd, 33 Fishergate, Boroughbridge, York YO51 9AL, HG2 7TF, United Kingdom. Company Registration
No: 10164440 and registered in the United Kingdom.  Our Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice and subject to the laws of England, Scotland and Wales.

  • A 50% deposit is required before any of Items on the Booking Form can be ordered. This deposit is non refundable.
  • The outstanding balance due on this order must be paid for in full, either four months from the order date or prior to the first fitting appointment. Or if the event date is less than 4 months from the order date the full amount must be paid on ordering.
  • All goods must be paid for in full in the event of cancellation of this order by the customer.
  • Once the order has been placed, no refund, exchange or alternative will be given.
  • All ordered goods will remain the property of The Bridal Affair UK Ltd until full payment for the item(s) has been received.
  • Only once full payment has been received will any fittings or alterations be carried out.
  • Alterations are to be charged as extra unless stated otherwise.
  • Payment for alterations must be paid for in full prior to any work being undertaken.
  • The retrying of items once ordered is at the sole discretion of management and will not be available at weekends or evenings.
  • Receipt of a deposit and your signature signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.


Full dressing instructions given, advised to maintain throughout the day, advised bra for further support.

I have thoroughly checked the items to ensure that there are no visible defects or discrepancies and understand that I am responsible for any loss of damage to the goods once they have been removed from the Shop.

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, Order Form, The Bridal Affair featuring Curvy Bridal